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Who we serve

At Symphony Advantage, we typically work with purpose-driven CEOs – big and small – which range across industries. For each of our clients, we customize a set of solutions and ongoing business advice to help guide them to a continued level of higher success.


Our expertise comes from personal experience of having started, grown and successfully sold numerous companies of our own, in addition to providing support for our client relationships. Being that we serve clients across a range of industries, we are exposed to a wide variety of complex business challenges, which in turn means we can bring fresh insight to each situation.

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Ken Kreafle

Steve Cornwell and his team at Symphony Advantage serve as true business partners and strategists to ensure that we are making the best hiring decisions for our team and our growth plans. Unlike typical recruiters, they simplify and streamline our hiring process so that we are only spending time with top-notch A players. Once an employment offer is accepted, they continue to stay heavily involved. They use the Birkman assessment and provide coaching to make sure that the hiring managers and the new employees build strong relationships early on. In the end, we were left with a culture of trust and understanding, and employees who are highly engaged in their work. We see the Symphony team as a valuable asset to our team and only wish we had started working with them earlier!"

President and Owner, Reduce Base Brands



Sean Ruthven

We have worked with Steve and his team at Symphony Advantage for close to 10 years. One of the highlights while working with Steve is the Birkman High Performance Teambuilding Workshop he regularly conducts. As our leadership team changes and grows, we consider the workshop benefits to be paramount in developing the team cohesiveness that we need to work together in a highly productive manner. Through the Birkman, Steve truly understands each member of the team and does an excellent job in presenting each person’s strengths, individual needs, and stress behaviors in a way that is non-threatening and even entertaining. The workshop is always fun and transformational, and we highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of how to elevate a team to the next level."

President and Owner, Access Management Group



Greice Murphy

Founder and CEO, Advanced Care Partners

I founded ACP with the vision to provide quality care to underserved medically fragile patients. My company is now one of the fastest growing private companies in Georgia. I couldn’t have accomplished this degree of success without the help of Symphony Advantage. Through this partnership, I’ve learned how to scale my company without compromising my values and purpose. I’ve been able to attract the right talent and create a culture of care where my employees can thrive and fulfill their full potential.”



Lisa van Kesteren

At Seelevel, we help companies see at the level of their customers so that they can provide a high level of customer service and customer experience. Our entire business model revolves around establishing an environment of care and trust for others. We wanted to reflect this passion of ours across our entire organization, both internally and externally. In particular, we turned to Symphony Advantage to help us incorporate conscious capitalism competencies within our team as well as our vendors and suppliers. Their work was instrumental in bringing new talent and resources as well as developing existing ones which were aligned with our purpose, vision and mission.”

CEO, SeeLevel




Brendon Johnson

President and CEO, TekDoc

Our company, which once began as one person helping family and friends, has flourished into a mid-size company that helps people solve a wide array of tech problems. However, we didn’t forget where we came from and, as we grew, we wanted to make sure that our business still reflected our values anchored around service and personal interaction. We turned to Symphony Advantage to help us establish a culture of care where our employees can thrive, as well as evolutionary operating systems that support of win-win-win approach for all our stakeholders. Symphony Advantage’ dual expertise regarding conscious capitalism and talent development, helped our team exceed all goals and expectations. This partnership led to a higher level of talent retention and customer satisfaction, which directly impacted our bottomline.” 


Nicole Snow Headshot.jpg

Nicole Snow

Founder and CEO, Darn Good Yarn

Working with Symphony Advantage has been an evolutionary experience for me as a leader. Progressing through logical yet empathetic consulting, the team has helped me lead my company through rough seas. I find that the guidance I've invested in with Symphony Advantage has helped me stay true to my goal of being a triple bottom line focus business while growing the company holistically and sustainably." 

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