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What we do

Accelerate team performance.

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At Symphony Advantage, we create high performing, trusting and unified teams who are aligned on purpose and strategy. Leveraging the Birkman Method® and the Hire Right, Now® Method, we focus on the following:

Team effectiveness

Through our learning journeys, we enable teams to have an exceptional quality of dialogue, to make effective decisions together and to have collective clarity of thought. These teams provide clear, credible and compelling direction to the organization. They have trust, both in themselves and each other, as well as in the decisions they make. They unite around a shared purpose and thrive at co-creating.

Talent development

Organizational success depends on motivated employees that drive success across all levels of the organization. We provide our clients with in-depth data sets and turn these insights into an actionable plan to accelerate employee growth, manage blind spots that can hinder development and success, and recognize the motivators that drive career decisions. We help accelerate individual growth for employees through personalized coaching.


Searching for the ideal candidate is a lengthy and challenging process—hiring someone that possesses the job skills and interpersonal competencies, and aligns with the organization’s culture demands extensive recruitment and organizational resources. Technical abilities and industry experience are important factors to consider, but won’t optimize the hiring process to maximize employee retention.  High-performing employees also need passion to feel satisfied and motivated.  At Symphony Advantage, we help our clients through that complex process by providing a full suite of recruiting solutions including: job scorecards, interviews, internal candidate reviews, assessments, negotiation, job offers, onboarding and 90-day coaching.

Accelerate team performance

Set your leaders up for success.

Leaders today are expected to respond to increasingly complex organizational challenges. However, leadership is not a designated title, it is a way of being. The best leaders know how to lead themselves before leading others. At Symphony Advantage, we believe that two transformative shifts are required in order to enable leaders to thrive. First, leaders need to become more aware of themselves, their teams and their customers, as well as what needs to change in their organization.

As part of this introspective journey, we leverage the Birkman Method®, which provides an unmatched assessment portfolio with in-depth reports for leaders to gain actionable insight into their motivators, behaviors, and blind spots. This method helps leaders Identify the gaps between how they are perceived and what they need to do to increase their effectiveness as a leader. Then, we build on this foundation and tailor tools to meet the underlying expectations necessary to drive organizational success.

Build a culture of care.

Culture exists in every company, no matter what. The organizational culture sets the baseline for daily life in the company. This includes everything from the working environment to employee morale, overall productivity and the company’s reputation in the community and world at large.


The biggest differentiator in the best companies is a relentless commitment to consciously building a caring culture. This happens through the creation of values, norms, processes and practices that define what’s important and how work gets done.

At Symphony Advantage, we help our clients build their desired culture, starting with a culture assessment, which takes an unbiased snapshot of the inner workings of their company’s day-to-day environment. It examines interactions, traditions, values, beliefs, and practices. A third-party independent assessment reveals what aspects of their culture are out of alignment with their espoused values and beliefs.


By determining a company’s ideal culture and mapping where the organizational culture currently stands, we then recommend strategies for moving toward the desired culture and support its implementation.

Build a culture of care

Make purpose matter.

Clearly defining and articulating purpose can truly propel a company forward. Purpose helps set long-term business strategy, creates a bigger comparative advantage and differentiation in the marketplace, inspires innovation, increases brand trust and loyalty, and ultimately, helps the company stand the test of time.


That being said, expectations of organizations from consumers and employees are profoundly shifting due to concerns about the health of our planet and our people as well as demands for a fairer and more inclusive society. These expectations have been accelerated by greater access globally to information. In response, organizations need to adapt if they are to survive and thrive.


What will organizations of the future look like? They will be entirely purpose-led, existing for the good of society and providing products and services for tomorrow’s circular economy.


At Symphony Advantage, we enable organizations to discover their purpose and bring it to life across their entire organization. We believe that for organizations to reap the full benefits of purpose, they need to not only have a meaningful purpose but also live this purpose in all they do (from strategy to operations to culture), inside and outside the organization. Without embedding purpose in an organization’s behavior, it will merely be another mission statement. Once organizations are living their purpose, they find they have grown a substantial competitive edge and are making a positive impact in the world.

Make purpose matter

Build a stakeholder economy.

Never before has there been such an emphasis placed on understanding the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of stakeholders for any business or company. Indeed, a wide array of stakeholders are pivotal to the success of any project or business as it relates to the way a company operates, the way people see it operating, and the future directions it plans and takes.


At Symphony Advantage, we help our clients establish a collaborative structure where every stakeholder mutually benefits. By valuing each stakeholder as an indispensable part of the whole, a business stays healthy and productive. Conscious companies create a virtuous cycle by orchestrating synergies across all of their stakeholders — employees, customers, suppliers, investors, communities, the environment — even competitors.

Build a stakeholder economy
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