How we're different

Our Approach

We immerse ourselves in your organization, understanding your current reality and future goals and ambitions. We identify what is required to unlock these ambitions.
Based on your needs and the insights from the diagnostic, we co-create the learning journey with you.
We deliver the learning journey in a number of different ways: experiential and immersive workshops, one to one coaching and virtual learning to name a few. We believe in real-time incremental improvement consistently – over time.
We engage in diligent and ongoing evaluation to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Meet Kent Gregoire

Kent Gregoire has worked for 35+ years as an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and angel investor. A few years ago, he came to realize that many modern-day issues – ranging from climate change, to income inequality, to social justice– could be linked to traditional capitalism that puts shareholders’ interest above all else.


At that time, he became determined to find a win-win-win approach to conducting business that delivers exponential value to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and the environment around us. He asked himself: What am I doing to take action and build a more just, sustainable and prosperous world?


As a result, he started to look for a movement devoted to elevating humanity though business. On his quest he found his tribe when he attended his first Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit. There, he came to realize that conscious capitalism is the most effective business model to elevate humanity.


To dive deeper in this topic and to be able to share his enthusiasm and expertise around conscious capitalism, he completed in September 2020 the first certification program in the world dedicated solely to conducting business with care. He is now one of seven certified consultants in conscious capitalism around the world.


He brings his insights to others with the ultimate goal to foster the widespread adoption of conscious capitalism around the world, and to elevate humanity by aligning businesses with people, purpose and profit.


Why does it matter to you? While nine in ten Americans now expect companies to do more than make a profit, companies that practice conscious capitalism perform ten times better than their peers. Conscious capitalism is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the smart thing to do. It is now rightfully becoming both a force for good and a key comparative advantage for companies.

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