How we're different

Our Approach

We immerse ourselves in your organization, understanding your current reality and future goals and ambitions. We identify what is required to unlock these ambitions.
Editorial Design
Based on your needs and the insights from the diagnostic, we co-create the learning journey with you.
Working Together
We deliver the learning journey in a number of different ways: experiential and immersive workshops, one to one coaching and virtual learning to name a few. We believe in real-time incremental improvement consistently – over time.
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Meeting Room
We engage in diligent and ongoing evaluation to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Our Methods

At Symphony Advantage, we leverage proven existing and proprietary methods to support our clients on their conscious capitalism journey.


Operating System


Many companies are trying to solve today’s challenges with yesterday’s strategies. However, the world has shifted, and operating systems need to adapt accordingly. At Symphony Advantage, we help companies shape a viable framework for consciousness that achieves sustainable and profitable results. We help our clients embrace the stakeholder economy with a business structure approach that delivers exponential value to all stakeholders.


How do we do that? We work with the leadership team in real time to uncover your organization’s hidden potential. Implementing conscious capitalism is not an initiative. It is an ongoing, daily mission. It is about innovating. In 8-week sprints that fit easily into your schedule, we’ll eliminate tensions and constraints, jumpstarting an Evolutionary Operating System based on purpose, planet, people and prosperity. Your entire team will experience how incredibly rewarding and profitable it can be to accelerate sustainable business.




Symphony Advantage has developed a series of 12-month guided professional development courses to support organizations in their growth. Courses are anchored around two main offering:


  • The Master Key Executive Program: this proprietary course provides concrete solutions to the all-too-familiar conundrum that most CEOs spend less than 20% of their time doing what brings the greatest value to their organization to impact growth and revenue.  This is made possible by empowering a business’ single key executive - or second in command - with the necessary tools to lead day-to-day decisions and operations efficiently on behalf of the entrepreneur. As a result, they can focus on what brings the greatest value to their organization, namely impact, growth and revenue. This course has been developed with the four tenets of conscious capitalism in mind: a win-win sustainable growth approach that delivers exponential value to all stakeholders.


  • The Conscious Business Accelerator Program: today, seven in every ten Americans believe that businesses have an obligation to improve societal and environmental issues. As a result, consumers are making different choices and companies are making the shift towards Conscious Capitalism. While many companies understand that Conscious Capitalism is both the right and the smart thing to do, they struggle with implementation. This program provides a step-by-step process to implement the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism. It is designed for entrepreneurs and C-level executives who want their company to better embrace where we are in terms of consumer and marketplace trends today, as well as where we are in the human journey.


These 12-month courses are delivered through videoconferencing sessions for added flexibility. To learn more about these programs, click HERE.


To inquire about a 90-minute to 3-hour introductory webinar about the Master Key Executive program or about the Conscious Business Accelerator Program, click HERE.



The Birkman Method


The Birkman Method remains a preferred instrument to better understand interpersonal dynamics and achieve higher performance through positive psychology. It is used widely in the fields of career coaching, leadership development, human resources management, and organizational design today. At Symphony Advantage, we leverage the Birkman Method for:


  • Leadership development: Great leaders interact with intention by demonstrating self-awareness and emotional intelligence in complex environments to lead their organizations more effectively. Birkman provides an unmatched assessment portfolio with in-depth reports for leaders to gain actionable insight into their motivators, behaviors, and blind spots. Identify the gaps between how they’re perceived and what they need to increase their effectiveness as a leader. Then, tailor their leadership style to meet the underlying expectations their direct reports to drive organizational success.

  • Team effectiveness: Through our learning journeys, we enable teams to have an exceptional quality of dialogue, to make effective decisions together and to have collective clarity of thought. These teams provide clear, credible and compelling direction to the organization. They have trust, both in themselves and each other, as well as in the decisions they make. They unite around a shared purpose and thrive at co-creating.

  • Talent development: Organizational success depends on motivated employees that drive success across all levels of the organization. We provide our clients with in-depth data sets and turn these insights into an actionable plan to accelerate employee growth, manage blind-spots that can hinder development and success, and recognize the motivators that drive career decisions. We help accelerate individual growth for employees through personalized coaching.

  • Hiring and selection: Searching for the ideal candidate is a lengthy and challenging process—hiring someone that possesses the job skills, interpersonal competencies, and aligns with the organization’s culture demands extensive recruitment and organizational resources. Technical abilities and industry experience are important factors to consider but won’t optimize the hiring process to maximize employee retention. At Symphony Advantage, we help our clients through that complex process by providing a full suite of recruiting solutions including: job scorecard, interviews, internal candidate reviews, assessments, negotiation, job offers, on-boarding and 90-day coaching.