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Adapt your business for a 21st century economy

Every company claims to solve a problem. At Symphony Advantage, we help you elevate that mission to new heights for increased impact and profitability. 


In this new era, you need a clear path forward that can accelerate your company’s growth, invigorate your corporate vision, and energize your people. Companies that can not navigate the disparate needs of their stakeholders risk losing their comparative advantage, or worse - becoming irrelevant. Today, you have the power to leave a lasting legacy. By creating purposeful, sustainable value, you can broaden your company’s impact in your industry and in the world.


Accelerate your company’s growth with a modern, purpose-driven operating system, starting today.


Key Stats

92% of Americans agree that it’s important for large companies to promote an economy that serves all Americans.

Customer Loyalty is 93% higher among companies with a conscious-driven mindset.

Teams that motivate employees to create a lasting impact outperform those that disregard it by 20%.

Companies with highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by 147%  in earnings per share.

Symphony Advantage’s Solution: A Modern, Purpose-Driven Operating System

This new century demands a new type of company, one that can influence greatness in the world with a vision that aligns financial growth, business trajectory and stakeholder concerns.

Bring that vision back into focus and tackle the problems that are impeding your company’s growth through Symphony Advantage’s holistic approach to business and human centric, strategic solutions. We can immediately identify your growth opportunities and help you adopt a stakeholder business model. We call it a conscious operating system: a win-win-win strategy creating lasting value for your people and the planet.

Solve your immediate business challenges with the guidance of an unmatched team of advisors.

Referred to as the "CEO to CEOs," Kent Gregoire is one of the first certified conscious capitalism consultants in the world. Through a more caring way of conducting business anchored around a win-win-win approach for all, he is focused on helping companies do well by doing good. Kent launched his first manufacturing company at just 14 years old and has since founded, and served as lead stakeholder for more than a dozen organizations.

Co-Founder and President Steve Cornwell has over 20 years of leadership experience serving several business start-ups, Fortune 500 firms, and privately held enterprises. As a highly skilled certified consultant in the Birkman Method, Steve knows what it takes to build an organization with a sustainable comparative advantage.

Triple your bottom line with a modern operating system designed to align profits with people and the planet.

Client’s quote


Greice Murphy

I couldn’t have accomplished this degree of success without the help of Symphony Advantage. Through this partnership, I’ve learned how to scale my company without compromising my values and purpose.”

Founder and CEO, Advanced Care Partners




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